Editorial Department – Writing the Headlines

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Fred Ryan – Publisher Emeritus

Fred Ryan is the publisher and editorial columnist with the Pontiac Journal. In the twenty-five year history of the Journal, Mr Ryan has fulfilled almost every position at the paper, mainly managerial and journalistic. He is the recipient of multiple writing awards from the Quebec Community Newspaper Association. His editorials in particular have won national as well as provincial awards.

Mr Ryan founded the Pontiac Journal in 1987; he has lived in the Pontiac since 1971, first near Fort Coulonge and now in Shawville, equidistant to the Journal and his other two newspapers, the Bulletin d’Aylmer and the West Quebec Post, which he purchased in 1995. He has participated on numerous committees, groups, and events. In 2006, the Regional Association of West Quebecers granted him the JD Coulson Award for Outstanding Community Achievement.

Having worked in journalism since the 1960s, Mr Ryan is keenly interested in the affairs and progress of the Pontiac. He has five children, six grand-children, and remains committed to assisting his community grow, especially in areas of education, business and job-creation, tourism, environmental enhancement, and the arts. Mr Ryan is an avid reader, fisherman, family man, and political animal, all of which motivate his newspaper interests.

Mr Ryan can be contacted at 819-684-4755 (work) or by e-mail: abawqp@videotron.ca . Suggestions, observations, proposals, tips, and applications should be sent to him.

Allyson Beauregard
Managing Editor

I started working for the Journal in August 2013 as the English editor and later became the Managing Editor during the summer of 2016. First and foremost, I am the mother of an energetic toddler and live in Litchfield in a century-old home that my husband and I are currently renovating.
Aside from keeping track of upcoming events and ensuring they are covered, I also cover events, write articles, and am responsible for positioning the news in the paper.  
I went to school at St. John’s Elementary School in Campbell’s Bay, and then Pontiac High School in Shawville, where I graduated with a scholarship from the University of Ottawa. I travelled back and forth from my home town to school at Ottawa U where I graduated with an Honours Bachelor Degree, Major in Criminology, Minor in Psychology.

You can reach Allyson at

Lionel Tessier
Lionel Tessier started working for the Journal du Pontiac in September of 1994. He lives in Mansfield-Pontefract and has always been active in the community. His many roles include an adult education teacher (now part-time), one of the directors of the Caisse populaire Fort- Coulonge, secretary of the board of directors of the Maison de la famille du Pontiac and co-owner and operator of a tourism business (Base Macrocarpa campground).

Lionel was Editor of the French sections of the newspaper for many years; now, he works freelance, reporting and taking pictures, usually on files involving forestry, environment and municipal affairs. He also does proofreading of ads and articles as well as translations, usually from English to French

Over the years Lionel has won several awards for Best French Language Editorial and Best French Language News Story from the Quebec Community Newspaper Association. It is often said that, “Lionel is at the heart of the Journal. It wouldn’t be the same without his quiet presence.”

Lionel can be contacted by e-mail at pontiac@journalpontiac.com for news stories and photo opportunities.

Deborah Powell
Deborah Powell lives in Bristol (Norway Bay) and has been a resident of the Pontiac for more than 10 years. Her connection to the Pontiac, however, goes back to before the age of 1 when her family would spend a few summer weeks in Sand Bay; later she attended Camp Pontiac, now the Tim Horton’s Camp, outside Quyon.

Deborah is a freelance journalist for the Pontiac Journal; her first article appeared in 2010 when she wrote about the TLGIRT (local public forest management table) which is part of Quebec's new Sustainable Forest Management Act. As the citizen representative on the table, she found this to be one way to get the message out about this important issue that affects so many people in the Pontiac. She has also been citizen representative on the CRRNTO (regional commission for natural resources and public land) for the past 4 years. With her strong interest in environmental issues Deborah has also written about local endangered species and birdwatching opportunities within the Pontiac. She enjoys attending local events and has covered stories such as the kayaking program in Norway Bay or the Bristol Winter Carnival.

You can contact Deborah with a story idea or about an upcoming event at debp@storm.ca.

Peter Gauthier
Peter J. Gauthier’s working career was as a quality assurance and test analyst for medical systems’ software, as well as a teacher at Yukon College (Faro, YT) and Heritage College (Gatineau, QC). He is now retired.

Since 2010, Peter has had a column published in the Pontiac Journal called Pontiac Perspective with well thought out commentaries on local and national politics and environmental issues.

Peter is an avid reader, with a library of approximately 6,000 books; he is interested in education and environmental issues and is a board member and tutor with the Western Quebec Literacy Council.

Peter can be reached via email at gauthier.shawville@gmail.com.



Mo Laidlaw
Mo Laidlaw has lived in Breckenridge since 1988. She began reporting on the Municipality of Pontiac council meetings, as a freelance correspondent for the Pontiac Journal, in November 2002. She says, “When I started many residents didn't seem to know they lived in the Municipality of Pontiac. If I can inform residents about the heritage of this area and about current issues and events, I feel I’ve made a solid contribution to my community.”

Mo’s working background was as an Ergonomist, when she lived in England and at Bell Northern Research, once she moved to Canada; she is now retired. In 2005 she was recognized as a Top Correspondent by the Quebec Community Newspaper Association.