A round of applause for ... everyone!

Added: Sat, 09/23/2017 - 12:38pm
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Allyson Beauregard
Rédacteur / Managing Editor

Once again this year, thousands of people walked through the gates of the Shawville Fair to enjoy the event's numerous attractions ... all for one price admission! It's an event many people, both local and from outside the area, look forward to every year; people in Renfrew and Pembroke could even be heard speaking about being excited to attend the Shawville Fair in their small talk.
Not only is the Fair an opportunity to have some fun, it is also regarded as a large community gathering place; many people attend to reconnect with friends, and perhaps family members, who they do not often see during their everyday lives. 
The many hours and hard work of the Shawville Fair Board certainly paid off again
this year, and the fruits of their unwavering dedication, long hours, and herculean efforts were clearly visible as the five days played out without any major glitches, other than Mother Nature's failure to cooperate on Sunday and Monday. These people deserve an enormous amount of credit and a large round of applause for once again organizing a high-calibre event that places a huge spotlight on the Pontiac every year and attracts many visitors.
But, recognition can also be extended to basically anyone who had contact with the Fair in any way, shape or form; just about everyone had a hand in making the event a success, and it wouldn't have been possible without the cooperation and contributions of a very large crowd:  Those who attended the Fair, especially the fair-goers who braved the foul weather;The many, many volunteers who dedicated their time to ensuring the event ran smoothly.
Those who spent time in the arena showing off some of their best livestock as well as the many spectators who observed from the stands and the judges who announced each division's winners; The many people who competed in the truck and tractor pulls and the demolition derby, which both always draw large crowds to fill the area surrounding the outdoor arena; Neighbours who handled the added noise, hustle and bustle; Those who ran the many vendor and
concession stands, many of which put Pontiac products and services on display;
Beauce Carnivals who manned the midway and games area;
The many talented people who gave demonstrations of things such as cake
decorating and chainsaw carving as well as those who performed either on the main stage or in the beer tent to entertain the crowds;
The fire department members, paramedics, and police who were on site;
Those who entered their small animals, vegetables and fruits, baking, homecrafts and more into the various judging categories, which were then put on display all weekend long; The list can go on and on, but the fact is
that the Fair demonstrated a truly Pontiac effort: everyone joined forces to once again make this annual event a regional success story.
It's something we can all be proud of.