Close to $70,000 for community groups

Added: Wed, 04/26/2017 - 10:42pm
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CAMPBELL’S BAY – Pontiac MNA André Fortin visited the Jardin éducatif du Pontiac office, April 18, to award additional funding to the Jardin, as well as the Western Quebec Literacy Council.
The Jardin received an additional $25,271 for 2016-17, which will bring the total amount granted for the year to $75,271. In addition, $43,769 was awarded to the Western Quebec Literacy Council, for a total of $130,369 for 2016-17. These community organizations are involved in literacy training, encouraging students to stay or reintegrate into school. This financial assistance comes from the additional $9 million allocated to the Programme d’action communautaire sur le terrain de l’éducation (PACTE) for 2016-17.
 On December 2, 2016, close to $20 million in additional funding for the many partners dedicated to literacy training and educational success, including $9 million to PACTE, was announced. This new assistance is over and above the $18.3 million already allocated to the program.
 “For several years, these independent community action groups have been doing a tremendous job in promoting the success of our young people. It is essential they be given the resources they need to carry out their missions, by increasing the budget of the Programme d’action communautaire sur le
terrain de l’éducation by 50%,” said Fortin.