The Pontiac Caring Community Project

Added: Wed, 09/27/2017 - 10:09pm
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Kayla Bertrand

CAMPBELL’S BAY – The Connections Ressource Centre (CRC), in collaboration with APPUI Outaouais, announced the launch of the Pontiac Caring Community Project for English-speaking senior caregivers at a press conference at the MRC office, September 21. The CRC recently received nearly $65,000 in funding from APPUI Outaouais, which was put towards improving the quality of life and well-being of English-speaking caregivers for seniors in the Pontiac.
“Often, caregivers don't recognize the signs of stress and exhaustion in themselves, having put their own feelings and needs aside in order to care for a loved one,” said Danielle Lanyi, CRC Executive Director. With more than 25,000 caregivers of seniors in the Outaouais, it's important to offer them the resources to also take care of themselves.
Support will be offered through workshops, providing referrals to existing services, as well as recruiting, training and supporting volunteers (Beacons) so they are able to identify and refer vulnerable and isolated caregivers. The intention of the project is to lessen solation and burn-out.
The project also aims to raise awareness within the entire community to help them recognize and support the valuable role and contributions of caregivers. 
For more information on becoming a BEACON or other ways to help, call (819)
777-3206 or email