Quyon Ensemble transfers ownership of Quyon Recreation Park

Added: Wed, 04/26/2017 - 10:40pm
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Allyson Beauregard

MUNICIPALITY OF PONTIAC – After a few years of negotiation, Quyon Ensemble (QE) transferred ownership of the Quyon Recreation Park to the Municipality of Pontiac, April 7. The property, valued at about $300,000, was sold for $1.
According to Dominic Labrie, the municipality's communications officer, the property will remain part of the community and will continue to be used for hockey, soccer, tractor pulls, and QE's famous Jam Fest, among other activities and events. The municipality wants to bring new events and activities to the park through partnerships with the community in order to revitalize the area.
“We will conduct a study and have a public consultation [to create] an investment plan for the park,” he added; no date has been set for the consultation. “A 'master plan' with Loisirs-Sport Outaouais will be created, as we did for the Luskville Park last year. It's easier to get grants when we prove to the government there is
community support.”
Labrie also stated that one of the motivating factors behind the transfer was that QE was struggling to manage the land and the events held on it. “They want to
focus on the organization of Jamfest. Too many resources were needed for the property's maintenance (mowing, hockey rink, etc.),” he explained, noting investments are needed to improve the building on the property, the septic system, fences, and more.
The 'purchase' of the land may help solve other problems as well, such as the situation at the boat launch where big boats cannot dock because of the new cable ferry. The docks need to be moved, possibly further away on the property.
An official ceremony to celebrate the land transfer is planned for the opening of this year's Jamfest.