Raymond Durocher to run for elected warden

Added: Wed, 07/05/2017 - 11:29pm
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François Carrier
(tr. AB)

MRC PONTIAC – Raymond Durocher announced his candidature for the elected warden position in next November's municipal elections, at the Council of Mayors meeting, June 20; he is currently the mayor of Fort-Coulonge and the appointed warden of the MRC. “You have always supported me over the years, and for that, I give you my respect,” he declared. Durocher is the second candidate in the race alongside former Pontiac MNA Charlotte L'Ecuyer.
Nothing personal, but... 
Questioned if he decided to run in light of L'Ecuyer's candidature, Durocher replied to the contrary, but he continued with a certain antagonism that has frequently “spiced” the relations between the two political personalities.
“Ms. L'Ecuyer's criticisms towards the MRC and the employees have often been unfounded and uninformed. This isn't my situation; I know what the MRC needs, I have knowledge of the main files, and I know the job,” said Durocher.
“I want to run a clean campaign and not encourage false news or rumours,” he added.  
Change of guard for Fort-Coulonge
Durocher's candidature will mean changes for Fort-Coulonge. He has served more than 25 years with the municipality, as a councillor in the 1990s and mayor since 2000. “I thank the residents of Fort-Coulonge because they were the ones who trained me for this job,” he said.
Durocher also claimed he will only seek one mandate as warden. “I will be 60 years old soon, and I just want to set a structure in place to ensure the MRC has a solid base for economic development,” he concluded. Durocher has been appointed by the Council of Mayors as the MRC’s warden since 2013.