Safety Commission won’t OK nuclear dump as is

Added: Wed, 10/11/2017 - 11:06pm
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Peter L. Smith

SHEENBORO – The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has delivered 46 pages of problems to Canadian Nuclear Laboratories  (CNL), found in its proposal for a radioactive dump at Chalk River. The Commission won’t approve the project as it now stands, a representative of the Commission told the public at an information meeting, October 2, in the Sheenboro Parish Hall.
About 40 people attended the meeting where the CNSC team answered questions about the proposed “Near Surface Disposal Facility” which CNL, a privately-owned consortium, proposes building. It would hold radioactive wastes in an above-surface mound a kilometer from the Ottawa River. Pontiac MP Will Amos attended, but did not make a public statement. (See his letter on page 5.)
The representatives said the property on East Mattawa Road is owned by CNL and that studies on the site have been ongoing to ensure it meets safety standards and will not harm wildlife. The main concerns expressed by the public were the site’s proximity to the River, health and environmental worries, and possible breaches.
A new issue raised concerned what would happen to the site if the Des Joachims dam, just upstream, were ever to rupture. CNSC officials claimed this possibility has been studied and a rupture will not pose any hazards to the massive fabric-covered mound.
According to one official, with 46 pages of “problems” found in the proposal,
the Commission would not approve the project as is without seeing additional information in the final documentation.
CNL now has until July 2018, to provide these answers; after that the Commission will have 45 to 60 days to make a final judgement. It is not known if further consultations will take place.