Disparities in emergency response services for off-road activities

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Heritage College offers 3-year nursing program here

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Jill Mackay
SHAWVILLE – There was a feeling of anticipation and inspiration as 25-plus students readied themselves for the nursing program which started October 7 at Pontiac High School. Administered through Heritage College, graduates of the 3-year course will qualify to write the provincial Registered Nursing exams. read more »

Pot harvest

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The MRC Pontiac and the MRC Vallée-de-la-Gatineau police along with the RCMP, discovered over 6,000 marijuana plants growing outdoors in the Zec St-Patrice area, September 11. The next day, law enforcement in canoes removed nearly 200 plants growing in Gatineau Park (page 1). No arrests have been made in either case.

WQ School Board’s relations with contractors under scrutiny

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McDowell students say, “Bonjour!” to new program

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French Immersion teachers, Roxanne Gauthier (left) and Céline Maisonneuve, with community-purchased books.

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Pontiac’s own playwright and director continues to ‘play’

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UPA Open Doors at Pontiac winery attracts over 400

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New zoning bylaw for Pontiac

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Two new doctors for the Pontiac

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BAPE report favourable to local proposals for Dumoine River

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“Bridge Rapids” in the Dumoine River just above Lac Benoite.

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