EARLY MORNING FIRE DESTROYS SHAWVILLE BUSINESSES – Police are investigating an early morning fire, Saturday, August 12, that completely destroyed the Blue Heron Landscaping and Hardy Plants businesses in Shawville. The cause is thought to be electrical.

A thirty-boat flotilla protested CNL's proposed
radioactive dump upstream near Chalk River, August 6.

LITCHFIELD SPLASH PAD INAUGERATION – Over 75 people attended the official inauguration of the Litchfield Halt splash pad, August 13. Members of the municipal council and the Litchfield Leisure Committee, who were responsible for raising funds for the project, participated in the ribbon cutting.

Movie crew shoots footage here

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Scott Campbell

CLARENDON – “Action!” shouts the director. The camera rolls as a horse and rider come into the viewfinder. The pair stop, and the rider stealthily pulls out his gun and dismounts. “Cut!” shouts the director. “Perfect. Now, once more.” read more »

Growing interest in archery

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