BACK TO SCHOOL WINNER – Alison Miller, a student from Dr. Wilbert Keon School in L’Isle-aux-Allumettes, was the lucky winner of a Roots backpack and school supplies through a contest in the Pontiac Journal. Students were asked to circle common school bus safety mistakes on a special page in the paper and then submit it for their chance to win. The backpack and supplies were
provided by Stedman’s V&S in Shawville. (AB)

WHERE THE ALLIGATOR ROAMS –“We need to build an alligator,” said steam enthusiast Dr. Bill Burwell of Arnprior who did just that over the course of a few years, relying on photos, old plans and his team's ideas for design and operation. It was full steam ahead for the replica alligator tugboat, Alice May, at Haughton's Bay in Bristol, September 30.
     Alligators, also known as steam-powered amphibious warping tugs, were used to haul log booms across lakes and haul themselves over land when necessary. Invented in 1889 by West and Peachey of Simcoe, Ontario, business boomed and steam alligators roamed the rivers and lakes for more than fifty years. Eventually, they began being replaced by diesel-fueled boats and other methods of log transport.  A refurbished West and Peachey alligator made a recent appearance on the Ottawa River in 2015.
     The Alice May, named after the boat featured in the famous poem ‘The Cremation of Sam McGee‘, will be "hibernating" at Haughton's Bay for the winter.

SPAGHETTI FOR THE SNOWSUIT FUND – Over 100 hungry spaghetti lovers helped raise money for the snowsuit fund at the second annual Harvest Supper at the Quyon Family Center, September 30. “What a great turn out. I’m so proud of
the Dream Team for running such a smooth operation,” said Catherine Beaudet, Center director. The Dream Team consists of 20 board members and volunteers who organize the supper and gather food donations and items for the door prizes, silent auction, and raffle. Photo: Alyshia-Hannah and Drake Lasale enjoying their spaghetti supper.

Survey to help decide the future of waste management

Added: Fri, 04/26/2013 - 1:03pm

by Nancy Hunt

MRC PONTIAC – Do you compost organic waste at home? Would you be willing to pay more to ensure that household waste is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible? You can put your answers to these and a few other waste management related questions in a survey regarding the future practices in the area. read more »

Fort-Coulonge Novice champs!

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The Draveurs, a first-time team made up of children who have skated together for 3 years, finished second out of 7 teams competing in the Ontario league where they won an Arnprior tournament, March 10 (photo). These 6 to 7 year old hockey players have kept the Fort-Coulonge / Mansfield arena filled all season, averaging over 150 fans each game. read more »