PRINT DAY IN MAY – Nine printmakers, some coming from as far as Montreal, participated in 'Print Day in May' hosted by ArtPontiac at the Stone School in Portage-du-Fort, May 7. Print Day in May is an international event where printmakers everywhere indulge in their passion for printmaking. Those who attended were asked to make a donation to the Pontiac Artists' Association.

STONE SCHOOL BEGINS YEAR WITH TWO VERNISsAGES – The Stone School Gallery in Portage-du-Fort began the 2017 season, May 6, with two vernissages. In the lower gallery, Carine De Pauw presented 'The Artistry of Recycled Paper' where she transformed bits of paper from a variety of sources including pamphlets, leaflets, advertisements and newspapers into large and colourful paper-maché art pieces. In the upper gallery, local photographers Glen Hartle and Cheryl Dolan presented 'A Dance With Entropy' where they invited viewers to reconsider the place of photography within the arts and to consider whether or not it is in need of an infusion of energy. Both exhibits run the entire month of May.

Highest water ON RECORD! - Fort-Coulonge / Mansfield

Art lovers raise funds – by dancing!

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“They got rhythm...and they ain't singing the blues”:  band members Keith Glass, Alistair Dennett, and Mike Turenne play to a packed dance floor at the Stone School Gallery’s Celebrating Our Volunteers fundraiser, April 1st.

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Meurtre d’Angela Distasio, Accused denies premeditated murder

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Sophie Prévost
(tr. AB)

Alain Gascon, 52, of Quyon, faced charges of premeditated murder at the opening of his trial for the murder of Angela Distasio, April 5. He pleaded not guilty, insisting that the actions that led to the death of his ex-wife were not premeditated. The defense will try to convince Justice Catherine Mandeville that the act was manslaughter. read more »