Aging population in Canada


The latest census figures for Canada are a warning to social policy makers. Figures indicate a major shift towards an aging population in Canada, with a low rate of reproduction. There are more Canadians retiring than entering the work force; the conditions for a major social storm are brewing.

The Covid pandemic showed us just how poor the care of the elderly is in seniors’ residences. Canadian governments must start preparing, implementing and funding policies to address the remarkable shift in the way we work, raise money to pay for services, and view the treatment of fellow citizens.

New perspectives seem unlikely to happen given the track record of current governments. We are already dealing with the consequences of an under- funded health care system. Urban planning favours developers and leaves congested and pot holed streets for citizens. Depositing nuclear waste on the edge of the life-giving Ottawa River is seen as expedient and necessary, contrary to all concerns about health and environmental pollution. The promise of tax reductions is infectious–but contrary to what governments should be doing to help citizens.

It is long overdue when citizens should be demanding more progressive social policy measures. Doing more of the same is not going to cut it.

Carl Hager
Gatineau, Quebec