Braun Road residents get road-repair commitment


The situation of Braun road in Municipality of Pontiac made life difficult for residents.

Maryam Amini

MUNICIPALITY OF PONTIAC – On August 23, residents of Braun Road (near Ghost Hill) finally met with municipal authorities over long-overdue repairs to the road’s surface. A decades-long problem, residents have tried to move the municipality to action, but, they say, each time they thought they had a commitment, the municipality failed to follow through,

Mayor Roger Larose assured the Journal that the new council will take care of the issue, adding, “We did not forget them. Sometimes priorities must change. In 2016, we planned to pave that road, but the cost was about a million dollars, and we couldn’t afford it. Our new plan has a lower cost. Ditching has already begun, and next spring we will complete the fix. Heavy trucks use this road, and drainage is important — but our new people and strategies will take care of it.”

Fifty households on Braun Road remain frustrated over the deteriorating surface. Katherine Valcov, a 10-year resident, notes that “there are people who have lived for 40 years here and always faced road problems. The road has bumps, its foundation needs repair, and pipes underneath force the surface up each summer. Our cars are suffering!”

Valcov and neighbour James Riorden recount multiple promises from the municipality over the years. Valcov added: “With the last election we now have people at the municipality who are helping, like our new councillor Chantal Allan.”

Ms Valcov cites an August 23 meeting — with almost 70% of the residents present. The council was surprised, she says, and promised to start ditching before winter. They added that Pontiac may buy its own paving machine, since they maintain 220 km of roads.

Riorden added, “The mayor, DG, and our councillor all said repair work will begin this year. Rehabilitating it is their priority for next year. A referendum on paving is a couple of years away.”