“Calendar Girls” make donation


At the Fireman’s Ball held in Jack Graham Hall, September 10, the “calendar girls” (left to right Betty Chamberlain, Debbie Doraty-Kilgour, Elsie McIntosh, Bonnie Beveridge, Edith Campbell and Elva Stark. Absent Nicole Forget and Peg Gareau) stepped up with a hefty cheque of a $5,000 for the Bristol Fire Department. The money was raised through the sale of calendars featuring Bristol scenes painted by the seven women involved in the project.

“We had so much fun with this project and it was great to paint with a purpose,” said Doraty-Kilgour, who is also a municipal councillor. “The fundraising that the Fire Department did for the rescue boat was inspiring! I think that’s partly what motivated us to support them and the fact that we appreciate everything they do for our community,” she added.

“I loved this project with the girls. The Fire Department does so much, and they always need money for all kinds of equipment. I’m particularly grateful to them as they help keep our insurance rates affordable and they respond quickly to any situation. Knowing most of the firefighters as neighbours and friends is also special. So proud of them!” Bonnie Beveridge enthused.

“Hopefully, this donation will help them purchase the equipment sorely needed and wanted. We also believe the remaining sale of the calendars will give the firefighters another $1,000,” she added.