A case of “hyperactive multi-tasking” – MP Will Amos makes progressive return after naked appearances

William Amos Official Portrait/ Portrait officiel Ottawa, ONTARIO, Canada on 25 November, 2019. © HOC-CDC Credit: Mélanie Provencher, House of Commons Photo Services

Allyson Beauregard

PONTIAC – Pontiac MP William Amos, accompanied by his wife Regina Flores, provided an update to local media via ZOOM, July 7, to detail his progressive return to work after he made international headlines twice for accidentally appearing naked on camera during parliamentary proceedings in April/May. After the last incident, Amos said he was temporarily stepping away from duties as parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry as well as other committees to seek help, without elaborating.
His return is guided by a “wellness plan’, which Amos said “represents a new
phase in [his] ongoing return to duties as member of parliament.”
Although he was in regular contact with his offices providing guidance on files, Amos said he stepped back from his job as MP for three weeks, starting May 28, to focus on his health and family. Since June 21, he has progressively returned; first contacting mayors, meeting businesses and constituents and as of the beginning
of July, going to his offices during regular office hours, attending community events, etc.
“I want to start by apologizing because I put everyone in such an awkward position, but while these two incidents resulted in great embarrassment, they don’t define me. This is not a circumstance of any ill-intent, unethical personal gain or moral wrongdoing…I’ve tackled this the only way possible: taking a step back, prioritizing family, surrounding myself with a competent team of health professionals, building and implementing a comprehensive wellness plan to address the root cause of these incidents, and being open and accountable to my colleagues, community and family,” he explained.
Amos stressed that the assessments of his health team – composed of a
psychologist, occupational therapist, psychotherapist, and family doctor – conclude he doesn’t have a mental health problem, but rather “an unhealthy emphasis on doing too many things at once and too fast.”
“Both ZOOM incidents reflect situational awareness challenges that resulted from hyperactive multi-tasking and high levels of stress,” he added, noting the objectives of his wellness plan include focusing on a single task at a time,
slowing down and reducing overall work intensity, among other things.
Flores took the mic after Amos spoke, stating she was there to stand beside and support Amos. “This is not a circumstance of ill-intent or malice, and that’s why I can hold my head up high…As his partner, I will help hold him accountable to this wellness plan. No one has a greater stake in this than I do…and now we’re ready to move forward,” she concluded.
When asked about his intentions for the next federal election, Amos said he will “be ready” when the election campaign period is announced, but until then, he is focusing solely on serving Pontiac constituents.
Adam Levine, president of the Pontiac Liberal Riding Association, issued a statement saying the Association welcomes Amos’ efforts to resume full-time work.