Charlotte L’Écuyer passes away


François Carrier

PONTIAC – Charlotte L’Écuyer, who served as Pontiac’s MNA from 2003 to 2014, passed away February 1 from cancer.
L’Écuyer’s contribution to health care in the Pontiac is unanimously recognized. “She was my first director when I started working. The quality of customer service was paramount for Charlotte. The Pontiac’s reputation for having the best healthcare services was thanks to her,” said Gilles Dionne, mayor of Mansfield.
L’Écuyer’s reputation extended beyond the Outaouais region, as former Quebec Premier Jean Charest remembers. “She had a strong expertise in the health field. She was able to step back on issues and bring another vision to the table,” he recalled.
Pontiac MNA Andre Fortin underlined the personal sacrifice L’Écuyer made for the Pontiac. “She was known for being close to the community and taking their files to heart. I think of the familial and personal sacrifices she made to fight for the region, even before her life in politics. Her greatest legacy is her work in healthcare. She will remain the administrator and elected official who completed the construction of the CHSLD in Shawville,” said Fortin.
L’Écuyer was born on August 16, 1943 in Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario. She first made her mark in the health field by ardently defending the region to promote access to quality health services. After obtaining her Master’s degree in social work with a social administration option at the Université de Sherbrooke in 1984, L’Écuyer began her career as a manager of health and social services and rose through the Beaudry Commission to become director of the Pontiac’s health centre, a position she held until 2003. As executive director of the CLSC, she contributed to the deployment of a range of community organizations in response to the needs of citizens. This also led to the creation of many jobs for the people of the region. In addition, she saw to the construction of a CLSC with a 24/7 emergency service.
She was the Pontiac’s first female MNA and was re-elected in 2007, 2008 and 2012; she didn’t run again in 2014. She is survived by her two daughters (Josey and Ariann), a son-in-law and two grandchildren. If possible, a memorial will be held at a later date.