Displeased with waterfront evaluations


We, the constituents of Mansfield, are dissatisfied with the municipal land

We, the constituents of Mansfield, are dissatisfied with the municipal land
evaluations completed by Groupe Servitech on water front properties along the Ottawa River. We intend to complete an application for review of the real estate assessment roll due to the exorbitant increases in property taxes for 2015 and beyond. These requests for review will cost individual land owners ($75) and the MRC Pontiac ($200) for each request submitted.
The evaluation of our land has increased by an average of 50%; this does not reflect the market value of our properties, the socio-economic reality of the region, the constant battle that residents have along the river with maintaining the river’s edge, nor the actual utilization of these properties
(i.e. flood zones).
Considering our property value is the basis for municipalities to calculate taxes to generate income in order to provide
services, we see ourselves as hostages to a system that is creating inequities amongst various segments of the population; those who pay higher taxes do not receive more services than those who pay less.
What does the MRC intend to do to
support our request? Considering we are unable to debate the law concerning
municipal taxing, what solutions can the MRC propose in the area of land appraisal that will protect taxpaying residents along the river?   
We hope elected council members will do everything possible to adjust their
practices in the area of fiscal strategies so the interests of all contributing constituents are represented, including those who own river front property. 
We also suggest the MRC address the following situations: review the resolution adopted on March 10 that awarded Groupe Servitech a new five year contract with the MRC; and adopt a resolution requesting that the Ministry of Municipal Affairs
provide solutions that will stop rising waterfront evaluations. Exorbitant tax increases prevent property owners from retaining their land in the long term due to a system that has no limitations and reduces land owners’ ability to pay their property taxes.
Kathryn Dupuis
Linda Gougeon