Dr. Wilbert Keon presents Class of 2021


DR. WILBERT KEON CLASS OF 2021 – Dr. Wilbert Keon School’s Grade 11 graduates: Anthony Turner, Denali Reasbeck, Cameron Ranger, Aliah Fleury, Hunter Mainville and Madeline Miller.

Peter L. Smith

L’ISLE-AUX-ALLUMETTES – The annual Dr. Wilbert Keon School high school graduation ceremony was held June 26 via zoom. The teachers and Principal Neil Fleming also organized a drive-by to each graduate’s home where a congratulatory sign was placed on their lawn.
Valedictorian Madeline (Maddy) Miller summed up the 5 years the students spent together. “Now we start a new chapter of our lives. It has been a roller coaster of a school year, but we made it,” she said.
Parent guest speaker Andrea Chartrand, mother of graduate Anthony Turner, said the parents are all proud of the graduates’ accomplishments, both big and small. “You all had to adapt to new learning requirements. The resilience and perseverance you demonstrated will help you in your future. Now it’s time to allow you space to move forward, but always know we are never too far away,” she said.
Fleming noted how the graduates had mastered the art of online learning. “Choose a possibility and believe in yourself as you brave challenges that will be a part of your journey. Never stop becoming agents of positive change for yourself and others in your community,” he told them.
The following students won awards:
Aliah Fleury: Dr. Wilbert Keon School Perseverance; Wayne McIntyre English; Media Award; Armand Emond Art; Chapeau CWL Good Sportsperson; Knights of Columbus; Municipality of Chichester.
Madeline (Maddy) Miller: Support Staff; Wayne McIntyre English; Frank Carroll Insurance; Knights of Columbus; Municipality of Waltham; Promutuel la Vallee Mutual.
Cameron Ranger: Dr. Wilbert Keon School Politeness; Governing Board; Outdoor Education; Municipality of Waltham; Deserving and Hard Working.
Anthony Turner: Hansen Award of Distinction; Knights of Columbus; Brookfield Power; Municipality of Waltham.
Denali Reasbeck: Armand Emond Art; Chapeau and District Lions Club; Municipality of Waltham; Jardin Educatif du Pontiac.
Hunter Mainville: Municipality of L’Isle-aux-Allumettes.