Dr. Wilbert Keon


Peter L. Smith

Peter L. Smith

ISLE-AUX-ALLUMETTES – Fifteen youth gathered to celebrate the end of their high school education at Dr. Wilbert Keon School, June 22. Father Howard Chabot celebrated Mass at St. Alphonsus Church for the students, some of the staff, families, and friends. Champion fiddler, Louis Schryer of Chichester, performed from the choir loft. Graduate Keisha Godin also sang a special song.

Valedictorian, Grace Rebis; Student Council President, Kristen Gagnon; Parent Representative, Darlene Pashak; and Principal, Neil Fleming, each addressed the audience at the Upper Pontiac Sports Complex that was decorated by Creative Perspectives by Margaret.

Awards for the class of 2013: Tyson Burger: Heritage College, Charlotte L’Écuyer, McGill University, Brookfield Power, Volleyball Award, Promutuel La Valley Mutual, Hansen Award of Distinction; Kelsey Gaudette: Politeness, Pontiac Health Centre; Liam Racine: Congeniality, Art Fleming and Sons, Dramatic Art, Heritage Photo Contest First Honourable Mention; Kristen Gagnon: Principal and Teachers, Chapeau C.W.L. Good Sportsperson, Volleyball, Running Club, Deserving and Hard Working, Governing Board, Chapeau and District Lions Club; William Dupuis: Wayne McIntyre English, Running Club, Brookfield Power, French Second Language, Municipality of Waltham, Dr. Wilbert Keon; Joshua Hearty: Outdoor Education, Heritage Photo Contest Third Place; Izaiic Telford Behm: Chapeau C.W.L. Good Sportsperson, Volleyball, Running Club; Tristan Demers: Deserving and Hard Working, Volleyball; Jesse Meehan: Brookfield Power, Volleyball, Muncipality of Sheenboro; Keisha Godin: Deserving and Hard Working, Knights of Columbus, Western Quebec School Board Citizenship and Leadership, Volleyball; Jesse Fleury: Deserving and Hard Working, Brookfield Power, Armand Emond Memorial; Grace Rebis: Student Body, Charlotte L’Écuyer, French Immersion; Alexandra Nadeau: Art Fleming and Sons, Municipality of Waltham; Cody Gaudette: Brookfield Power. School class of 2013 celebrates end of high school