‘Fire bowl’ project wins PHS welding program $15K


Pontiac High School’s senior welding class won a first place prize and $15,000 for this fire bowl created during the 2020-21 school year.

Carl Hager

SHAWVILLE – With the guidance of teacher Megan Tubman, Pontiac High School’s senior welding students landed a first place prize in the Canadian Welding Foundation’s cross-Canada ‘Forged by Youth’ competition for a fire bowl they created during the 2020-21 school year.
The $15,000 cash prize will be invested in expanding and upgrading the welding program: to buy more safety curtains, upgrade equipment and maintain existing equipment for optimal performance, etc.
“The prize is all due to the hard work and creativity of the students,” Tubman said. “They began the process by brain-storming, discussing project ideas, deliberating on concepts, planning the acquisition of necessary materials, doing cost estimates, and then designing and re-designing the project as it developed. ”
The application and submission of the project to its competition began in mid-June. Tubman had to submit details about the welding program and the students who participated, describe the project, how it came to be and what was learned from it, as well as pictures and videos.