FRR awards MRC Pontiac nearly $1M


Allyson Beauregard

MRC PONTIAC – On April 23, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing announced that $2,335,905 has been granted to the Outaouais’ MRCs for vitalization agreements for the year 2021-2022 through Stream 4 of the Regions and Rurality Fund (FRR). The MRC Pontiac will receive $980,386.
Component 4, Support for vitalization and inter-municipal cooperation, has two components. The first is aimed at providing more support to territories facing specific vitalization challenges. The second concerns inter-municipal cooperation and supports local municipalities so they can offer citizens quality services at a lower cost.
The agreements will run until 2025 and are aimed at MRCs where the vitalization challenges are greater.
According to Cyndy Phillips, MRC director of economic development, this is the first year the MRC Pontiac will receive this funding, although exact details have not yet been received.
“We will need to draft a whole development plan for the money. The types of projects remain to be determined. The MRC [will provide additional details] once we have a plan adopted,” she explained.
Vitalization agreements encourage the mobilization of elected officials and municipal administrations to give new life to their territory. They also allow the MRCs to take positive action by improving services or facilities for their population. In addition, economic, social, cultural or tourism development projects that correspond to local priorities will be supported.