Ideal weather for Dryland dog races


A four-dog team participating in the Bristol Dryland dog races.


BRISTOL – Ideal weather conditions – cool temperatures and an overcast sky – greeted the over 100 teams and nearly a thousand dogs that participated in the Dryland dog championship races at Timberland in Bristol, October 30 to 31. Francois Petit, event volunteer, explained the weather conditions were ideal for the dogs because they prefer running in the cold.
Racers from as far as Wisconsin and Michigan in the USA as well as British Columbia, Alberta and Thunder Bay brought their wire-haired Vizslas, Huskys, and German Short Haired Pointers to participate in four types of races: bikjoring (one dog tethered to a runner), scooter, mountain bike and chariot, with various numbers of dogs making up the team. COVID restrictions made it difficult for overseas visitors this year.
Denis Lauzon, Timberland owner and race organizer, was pleased with the turnout for the twelfth iteration of the championship races, participating himself with a four-dog team in the chariot race.
Lauzon is planning mid-January winter race, with the date yet to be confirmed.