Kidney Foundation’s Shawville event


The Quebec Branch of The Kidney Foundation is launching an event series across the province. The aim is to raise funds to support people living with kidney failure and promote organ donation.

With a goal of raising more than $750,000, the event series is a fun, family-oriented gathering. It helps by injecting funds into research, supporting scholarship and tutoring programs, providing emergency funds to patients and their families, and allowing dialysis and transplant recipient children to enjoy summer camps adapted to their needs.

Kidney disease is a misunderstood enemy. Affecting 1 in 14 people in Quebec, it can cause serious damage long before symptoms appear. In Canada, kidney disease is the tenth leading cause of death and its prevalence has increased by 31% in the last decade. Interesting facts: 46% of new patients are under 65; kidneys are the most sought-after organs on transplant wait lists; in 2021, the average wait time for a kidney transplant was 544 days.

From Montreal to Rimouski including the Pontiac ­– with cycling, walking and even golf carts! Some with dogs, some without, the people of Quebec come out every September and October for the cause. You can participate: (1) Choose your event — for walkers, alone or in a team: The Kidney Walk Pontiac Shawville Fair Grounds, October 2, 5K walk; for cyclists: the Tour de rein; for golfers: the Golf Classic. (2) Donate.

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Stéfany Brulier,
The Kidney Foundation, Montréal