Last chance to have your say! – Regional Wetlands and Water Bodies Conservation Plan


A screenshot from an online public consultation regarding preservation of the region’s lakes, rivers and wetlands.

Deborah Powell

OUTAOUAIS – The MRC Pontiac, in coordination with the Outaouais regional council for the environment
and sustainable development (CREDDO), is again looking for citizen input to help develop a first Regional Plan for Wetlands and Water Bodies (PRMHH).
All MRCs are required to develop such a plan by June 2022. The purpose of the plan is to align land use
with wetlands and water bodies conservation, notably to improve community resilience to climate change. The term “wetlands” refers to ponds, marshes, swamps and peat bogs, while water bodies includes lakes, rivers and streams.
The Outaouais’ MRCs mandated CREDDO to help develop their respective PRMHHs. Public input was first sought by survey this spring to develop a list of elements the population considers important for the preservation of the region’s lakes, rivers and wetlands. On July 13, CREDDO hosted a public consultation session online to set priorities and collect ideas, questions and concerns.
Interested citizens who were unable to participate are encouraged to complete an online survey by the
end of August. It asks the public to identify the main priorities in the PRMHH and suggest actions the MRC could implement to address them.
To learn more about the PRMHH and fill out the survey, go to or for the French version. It’s useful to view the slideshow under ‘medias/webinars’ near the bottom of the page before completing the survey. The presentation from July 13 is available by contacting CREDDO or Googling “YouTube CREDDO PRMHH”. If internet access is a problem, contact Madelaine Rouleau at CREDDO, (819) 690-9645.
Results of the survey will be published on the website and interested citizens can also sign up there for a bilingual newsletter to follow the plan’s progress.