Let’s get back to work, Pontiac!


As investors arrive in the Pontiac contemplating opening various businesses and in particular forestry mills a common question is asked of me: Will there be people in the Pontiac who want to work? Everyone in business is saying they cannot find enough people to work.

We know that throughout the world the pandemic has had an effect on people’s desire to work. Some people have grown accustomed to working at home and others have decided not to work at all. The pandemic has had an impact on all of us.

If we want to see the Pontiac revitalized and move forward economically, we need to ensure that salaries are paid here.

We need to motivate ourselves and others to get back to work and to take a pride in it once again.

Forestry built the Pontiac and until 2008 it was our mainstay. Agriculture is our greatest employer at the moment producing 32% of the jobs. Pontiac had the reputation of producing the best and hardest workers. I believe that we still have that in our blood!

As new opportunities arise, we need to respond to the call for jobs and not be replaced by people from other regions!

It is in this way that we will benefit and also become healthier as it is important to feel a sense of accomplishment and to remain mentally and physically engaged.

Municipalities should also make it a priority to award contracts to local businesses…this is how we grow our economy!

As a truly bilingual region we will continue to attract people from all over the world. Everyone is welcome in the Pontiac.

At one time people said to me there are no jobs…… now there are many and there will be more and more! There are many opportunities to start businesses as entrepreneurship is a priority at the MRC Pontiac.

Let’s go to work Pontiac! We can do it!

Jane Toller
Warden MRC Pontiac