A magical adventure with the Pontiac Community Players


From left, including people barely visible: Barb Haughton as ‘Jackdaw’, Sandra Henderson as ‘Aunt Letty’, Craig Young (blonde wig) as ‘Uncle Andrew’, Isaac Graham (standing) as ‘Digory’, Sydney Coté (brown sweater) as ‘Fledge’, Corey Ferguson (standing at back) as ‘Aslan’, Robin Lottes as ‘Polly’, Stuart Marples as ‘Frank’, Gord Graham (standing centre) as ‘The Professor’, Carole Valin as ‘Beaver’, Deb Stephens
(seated at back) as ‘Queen Jadis’. Missing from the photo is Gavin Murray as ‘Wolf’, Rick Valin as ‘Bear’, Matt Lottes – music, and Laura Graham and Olivia Weatherall – sound effects. (Photo: Cindy Lottes)

Deborah Powell

BRISTOL AND SHAWVILLE – The Pontiac Community Players whisked audiences off to magical lands with their presentation of a live radio play, The Magician’s Nephew. The timeless and enchanting tale includes talking animals, a wicked queen, a cart-horse turned flying steed, a mad professor/magician, commoners who become king and queen and a couple of “ordinary” children who find themselves in extraordinary situations!
Based on the sixth novel from seven-volume series ‘The chronicles of Narnia’, published in 1950s, The Magician’s Nephew tells of the creation of the fantasy land of Narnia where the other novels take place.
The play was performed three times – December 10 at Shawville United Church, December 11 at New Hope Fellowship (Shawville) and December 12 at St. Andrew’s Knox United Church (Bristol).
“We had a great time doing the show, despite the wild weather on the Saturday night. The story is part of the Narnia books written by C.S. Lewis. It’s a beautiful fairy-tale dealing with themes of death, choosing right over wrong, and why God sometimes lets terrible things happen. The actors all did a fantastic job and the way Matt Lottes brought the world to life with music still astounds me,” enthused play director Greg Graham.
The next Pontiac Community Players show will be ‘Steel Magnolias’ sometime this spring.