More speed radars near schools and new equipment for Pontiac


Mo Laidlaw
MUNICIPALITY OF PONTIAC – Council held its regular monthly meeting, March 9 via teleconference, with about 10 members of the public joining.
—- Public input
Michel Poulin pointed out problems with road markings and signage for drivers entering Highway 148, e.g. the stop line should be closer to the highway in one place and from ch du Cartel, which exits onto the four-lane, there’s no indication to turn right. Mayor Joanne Labadie said the Ministry of Transport will be redesigning the entire area and she will make sure the Ministry is aware of these problems.
Diane Lacasse asked why the skating rinks weren’t open during the school break; Labadie said the forecast predicted warmer weather than what occurred.
—- Public works
Two speed radars were installed near Notre Dame de la Joie School in Luskville and Onslow School in Quyon, resulting in significant speed reduction. Council agreed to buy four more radars; two for the opposite directions near the schools and two for the paved part of Crégheur Road. A mobile traffic counter will also be purchased from Traffic Logix for a total of $15,437.
Équipe Laurence was awarded the contract to supervise the Tremblay Road repairs and provide plans and specifications for $29,400 plus tax.
Engineers EXP produced a plan to renew water mains, sewers and roads which was presented to Municipal Affairs (MAMH) in October 2019. Council approved the plan, which MAMH approved in July 2020.
Municipal workers have had two accidents linked to installing road signs. A sign “post planter” that can be mounted on a truck could improve the situation, along with a vibrating plate for compacting gravel. Magneto Laval and Location Loupro can supply the post planter ($30,003) and 1,000 lb diesel vibrating compacter ($12,072), respectively. Councillor Draper-Maxsom said training is needed as well as a plan for equipment and vehicle maintenance. She voted against the resolution with councillors McDonald and Howard. Mayor Labadie voted for the purchase, breaking the tie.
An existing dump truck has more than 1.2 million km (high maintenance costs), so public works was authorized to ask for tenders for a new truck. “What about a good used one? It’s only used for 6 months of the year and there’s no municipal maintenance program,” said Councillor Draper Maxsom. Labadie explained that with used vehicles, the municipality has to go to tender and is required to accept the lowest offer, which could be a lemon. “There’s no guarantee on a used truck,” she added. Councillors Draper-Maxsom, McDonald and Howard voted against the resolution, with Mayor Labadie breaking the tie in its favour.
Public works had a backhoe assessed by the manufacturer to determine the total cost of repairs needed ($45,000) and the cost of essential repairs ($15,000). Since the municipality expects to replace the backhoe in 9-18 months, essential repairs amounting to a maximum of $15,000 were authorized.
—– Fire department
The municipal fire department’s 2020 report was adopted and will be sent to the Ministry of Public Security (MSP).
Financial assistance for training voluntary or part-time fire fighters in 2021-22 was requested from MSP, with a copy sent to the MRC. This is for five Firefighter 1 and/or ten Firefighter 2 training courses.
A one year extension was granted for firefighters unable to complete Officer 1 training in 2020 because courses were unavailable during the pandemic.
—– Planning
Owners of three lots at 109, 148 and 153 ch de l’Aventure requested approval for their plans to build single family homes. This new subdivision has a PIIA (an architectural integration plan), so the planning committee analyzes the building plans before a permit is issued. All three were approved.
An adjacent lot owner bought a 254 m2 municipal lot at 1747 Hwy 148 for $1,000 plus taxes and fees.
The owner of 1080 Smith-Leonard received council’s support in their request to the CPTAQ to construct a residence linked to farm activity.
—- Flooding overtime
If there is a flood between April 1 and June 15, managers who work more than five hours a week over regular hours will be paid overtime at their normal hourly rate.
Council supported the MRC-des-Collines’ mayors resolution asking for financial assistance from the program for road safety in municipalities (PAVL, PISRMM). It aims to optimize investments on the municipal road network by targeting major problems and the most efficient solutions, by carrying out road safety diagnostics and action plans.
— Approved expenses
The following was awarded: $29,706 plus tax to PG Solutions for purchase, installation and training for the application Voilà! which facilitates online communication between residents and the municipality; and $500 to the Pontiac Scholarship Fund.
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