MRC Pontiac hires business support & attraction consultant


David Cyr recently joined the MRC Pontiac as an economic and business
development consultant in phase two of their investment attraction project.

Allyson Beauregard

MRC PONTIAC – The MRC recently hired David Cyr, an economic and business development consultant for business attraction and support using funds from the Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (FARR).
“Attracting business is a continuous effort, which requires experience and expertise. I’m confident Mr. Cyr will bring his many years of experience in the public and private sectors to the task of fostering business development in the Pontiac,” said Cyndy Phillips, MRC director of economic development.
Cyr worked for nearly 30 years in the business community before joining the municipal economic development field. He has founded six small and medium-sized businesses in fields as diverse as property management, tourism, hospitality, retail and events. Although he is now a consultant, he will act as Senior Advisor for Business Support & Attraction for the MRC Pontiac until at least December 2021.
In addition to attracting businesses, Cyr will also support and advise entrepreneurs; consolidation of their assets, phases of expansion, accompaniment in the sale or succession of their business, etc.
“I’m an entrepreneur at heart and contributing to the economic vitality of the Pontiac is a wonderful opportunity. Motivated by challenges and innovation, I can’t help but see that the region’s potential and geographic location make
it a playground that offers unprecedented growth potential,” said Cyr.
Cyr’s hiring is part of phase two of the MRC’s investment attraction project.