Municipal election results – MRC Pontiac re-elects Jane Toller in tight race; Roger Larose makes a comeback


A small swearing in ceremony was held for Jane Toller at the MRC headquarters in Litchfield, November 15

Allyson Beauregard

MRC PONTIAC AND PONTIAC – With 3,301 votes (52.69%), the MRC Pontiac re-elected Jane Toller for a second term as warden during the municipal election on November 7. Michael McCrank came in a close second place with 2,964 votes (47.31%) with a 48.4% voter participation rate for the region.
In the MRC-des-Collines, which the Municipality of Pontiac is part of, 38.3% of eligible voters cast a ballot to elect Marc Carrière as the region’s first warden elected via universal suffrage with 39.96% of the votes. Caryl Green came in second with 34.6% and Eric Antoine third with 25.44 %.
About 2,000 residents (42.5%) of the Municipality of Pontiac made it to the polls, which saw former mayor Roger Larose elected with 39.29% of the votes. Incumbent Joanne Labadie placed third with 26.46% of
the vote, closely behind another former mayor, Eddie McCann, who obtained 34.24%.
The results of the mayors elected for each municipality where there was competition
are found in the accompanied chart above. Full results, including for councillors, can be found