Municipality of Pontiac council minutes


Mo Laidlaw

MUNICIPALITY OF PONTIAC – The monthly meeting of Pontiac municipal council was held on May 10, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. in the Luskville community centre. Only three members of the public attended, including this reporter. Mario Allen attended as the interim Director General, following the resignation of Pierre Said. He is also interim Public Works Director and interim Fire Director.

There was a question about the private road problem. Philippe Guérette asked why he is contributing to pay costs of paving other roads on his tax bill but is not allowed to receive services from the municipality for his road, chemin Sumac. Mayor Roger Larose explained about the ultimatum received from the Municipal integrity and investigations Commissioner of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs last month. “It’s the province, not us.” However, council does not accept the Commissioner’s conclusion and later in the meeting it approved asking DHC Avocats for a second opinion in addition to that of the municipal lawyers, RPGL Avocats.

$13,038 expenses incurred for May were approved.

Fire department
J.R. Drilling was contracted to “improve” the well at Breckenridge Fire Hall ((#1) for $16,340 plus tax, the lowest of two bids; the well run dry this past winter.

A fire captain has resigned. She was thanked for her dedicated service. Another firefighter, previously a lieutenant, was appointed as Captain, and a second firefighter, who is working on qualification as a lieutenant, was appointed as interim lieutenant.

Public works
QDI’s offer to supervise the Murray and Clarendon Road works, for $89,500, was accepted.
Mr. Foster, a registered beaver trapper, is awarded a contract to capture beavers that are causing damage to culverts, for $70 per beaver.

Council accepted the offer by Cardo Urbanisme to review the urban plan and prepare public consultations, for $21,700. Cardo Urbanisme will also help the short-staffed planning department in issuing permits at an hourly rate of $120 for project manager, $100 for project professional and $80 for project technician – plus taxes. In the question period at the end, Jean Coté asked how many permits were issued per year. Mayor Larose wasn’t sure.

The new bylaw (08-22) concerning “maintenance of tertiary treatment systems with ultraviolet disinfection” for wastewater systems without a tile bed was passed by a majority, with Councillor Amyotte voting against.

Recreation and culture
A revised rental policy for municipal facilities was adopted. The room at the Breckenridge fire hall is no longer available for community use.

The municipality is contributing: $1600 to Groupe Action Jeunesse, $1500 to Les Blés d’Or, $1000 to Circle socio-culturel, $1000 to Amis des Sault des Chats, $750 to Pontiac Equestrian Association, and $250 to the Pontiac agricultural society for the Shawville Fair.

A petition concerning the Quyon dock was tabled.