Municipality of Pontiac council notes


Mo Laidlaw

Municipality of Pontiac – Pontiac municipal council met April 12.

The Director-General tabled a 2.5-page response from the Municipal integrity and investigations Commissioner of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs (MAMH) outlining the legality of annual grants to non-municipal road associations for maintenance. The report calls the scheme an illegal and “reprehensible act”
of wrongdoing, adding to the frustration of the municipality and its residents living on non-municipal roads.

The letter will be translated and posted to the municipal website.


Expenses of $45,474 reported for April were approved. Pontiac will take part in a joint project with Chelsea, Cantley, and La Pêche to form a group for collection and disposal of garbage.

Committee assignments

Justin Alary, Blake Draper, and Andrea Goffart – agriculture; Alain Goulet and Sheila McCrindle – environment councillors Garry Dagenais and Serge Laforest – tolerance roads.

March 24 special meeting

Mario Pilon was hired as Director of Administration. AVL Track will provide a GPS system for public works vehicles for $18,720.

Public works

Mario Allen was appointed to a 4-month term as director of Public Works. The firm Cima+ was awarded a $88,500 contract to produce final plans and specifications for the rehabilitation of Clarendon and Murray streets. Multi-Route Inc was awarded a $76,573 contract to supply dust suppressant for gravel roads. Finally, les Fermes Renaud was awarded contracts totalling $76,056 to sweep, cut the grass,
and clear the ditches along some 354 km of public roadway.


Second notice of draft bylaw (08-22) was given and passed. Intended for smaller lots unfit for traditional tile beds and introduces the use of UV light to sterilize the effluent before it finally runs into a ditch. The municipality will oversee and maintain the wastewater systems, owners will pay cost of maintenance plus a 10% fee.

Recreation and culture

TransCollines-$11,242, Pontiac High School scholarship program for a student of the municipality-$500, Pontiac Artists’ Association’s – $125.