Open letter to Will Amos, André Fortin, Gabriel Lance, Pontiac mayors


In regards to the CISSSO’s announcements regarding the possible

In regards to the CISSSO’s announcements regarding the possible
closure of Le Pavillon du Parc in Shawville and the implementation of parking fees for the Shawville hospital. Really? Enough is truly enough. These are services that people have fought to acquire and have worked hard to maintain for those who need them the most. A large percentage of the Pontiac’s population live on fixed incomes. This is our reality.
Several questions need to be asked:
1. Who represents us on the CISSSO’s Board of Directors and are they defending our interests?
2. How will the clientele of Le Pavillon du Parc “benefit” from potentially having services moved elsewhere?
3. Why not reverse the trend? Gatineau has patients and trained personnel that could be relocated here instead – input of new jobs, expansion of services and more resources in the Pontiac – so radical, it just might work!
4. Did CISSSO think this attempt at the old “shell game” would fool us? Announce the changes to paid parking to create the initial shock wave – wait a couple of days – then while everyone’s attention is distracted make another declaration “Oh, by the way, we may be closing Le Pavillon.”
5. What will the reconfiguration of the existing parking lot cost?
6. At a maximum rate of $4, how long will it take to pay for the reconfiguration plus the annual maintenance of the parking lot?
7. How quickly and to what amount will parking rates increase when someone figures out this rate isn’t going to cut it? (The foot is already in the door, folks!)
8. Since the Pontiac Hospital balanced their budget in the past, does that mean the funds used for parking lot maintenance will now be available to our hospital to buy equipment or hire staff? Right! This too will probably disappear into the abyss of the Gatineau deficit.
Therefore, can we assume:
1. Our representative(s) on the Board of Directors (is) are not defending our position?
2. People who need the services provided by Le Pavillon have become pawns in a game over which neither the beneficiaries nor their caregivers have any input and are at the mercy of bureaucracy?

It’s time to say “No More”! The healthcare system is a provincial domain, but the federal government makes transfer payments to this province for health care. It’s time, Mr. Amos, to have you voice the concerns of your constituents and help this community save what it has worked so hard for.
Mr. Fortin, you were quoted saying you agree with the proposed parking fees. You compared us to an Ontario hospital and played the “It could have been worse scenario (eg. fees charged at other hospitals). People worked together to maintain and improve the services at the Pontiac Community Hospital and it worked. Why fix something that isn’t broken?
Most of us cannot walk, bike, park elsewhere, or take a bus to acquire needed services. No one uses the hospital parking lot to drop off their vehicle, hop on a bus and go shopping. If you’re using the parking lot, it’s because you “have to
be there” – somehow that seems essential!?
Mr. Lance and Pontiac mayors, please step up to the plate and intervene on behalf of all of us.
CISSSO continues to hack away at “our” health care services with their
self-righteous “Don’t do as I do, just do as I say”
attitude. TVA French News recently reported on and showed pictures of a $500,000 new laboratory at CISSSO – completed 6 months earlier, but still remaining unused! The CISSSO went on a witch hunt to track down the employee(s) who divulged the information and granted access to a TVA journalist to film; the whistle blowers have since been given a leave of absence without pay. Show us you can
manage your budget before dictating to everyone else!
Please take a stand and voice your opinion. Let all of those listed above know how you feel. I tip my hat to any who have spoken out and have tried to do something. For those who choose to sit back and resign themselves to the
situation, please do not complain after the fact – just put up and pay.

Glenda Beauregard