Opposing burial of Rolphton reactor beside Ottawa River


Here is a resolution opposing Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ proposal for the

Here is a resolution opposing Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ proposal for the
decommissioning of the Nuclear Power Demonstration (NPD) Reactor at Rolphton, Ontario, to be voted on at the Fort William Cottagers’ Association AGM, July 21, 2018: OFWCA opposes CNL’s proposal to entomb the NPD reactor at Rolphton, Ontario, by filling it with grout and covering it with a concrete cap.
The NPD reactor vessel and components are contaminated with “post-fission” radioactive materials (both low- and intermediate-level). Entombing plutonium and other human-made radioactive materials plus mixed wastes such as mercury, lead, asbestos and PCBs just below the surface is completely against International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) standards.
The IAEA states that entombment should only be considered under exceptional
circumstances (e.g., a severe accident) and should not be an option in the case of a planned permanent shutdown.
Entombing and abandoning radioactive materials, hazardous for hundreds of thousands of years, a hundred metres from the Ottawa River, where all surface and groundwater migrates to that river, is unacceptable.
Eventually extracting this radioactive material from this grouting and concrete to transfer it from Rolphton to a proper facility (when one becomes available) would be difficult and costly.
There are no guarantees the grouting will not crack, allowing water to infiltrate this shallow underground grave, nor that the concrete will last anywhere near as long as the radioactive materials will remain hazardous.
OFWCA calls for a halt to the entombment plan and a proper assessment of its alternatives. OFWCA calls for public consultations on managing radioactive wastes, including consideration of Retrievable Storage or “Rolling Stewardship” in which radioactive waste is contained, retrievable and monitored; and
information and responsibility are transferred from one generation to the next (http://www.ccnr.org/Rolling_Stewardship.pdf). OFWCA requests that an independent science-based body operating under the Minister of Environment and Climate Change be charged with conducting environmental assessments related to radioactive waste management.

Joahanna Echlin