Over 70 new subsidized daycare spots for MRC Pontiac


Allyson Beauregard

MRC PONTIAC – Nearly 2,000 subsidized daycare spots will be created across the Outaouais region to better meet the growing need for childcare in areas that need it most, the provincial government announced on August 27. Of these, 71 will be in the CPE 1-2-3 Picabou network in the MRC Pontiac within the next 24 months: 5 in Campbell’s Bay, 6 in Mansfield, and 60 in Shawville.
Across the province, over 9,000 new spaces will be created – 1,182 of which are in the Outaouais – which represents double the number the province announced it would create last fall when a call for
projects for 4,359 places was launched.
“Not only will these quality child care services promote the development of our children, but they will also allow many parents in the region to return to the workforce and continue to contribute to the growth of our local and regional economy. It’s not yet perfect and there’s still work to be done, but we’re working hard to develop our network so it remains at the forefront,” said Mathieu Lacombe, MNA for Papineau and Minister of Family and Minister responsible for the Outaouais region.