PHS grad parade celebrates Class of 2020


PHS held a parade, June 19, where the school’s graduates travelled through town in the back of trucks and classic cars to celebrate the milestone amid the pandemic.

Jamie Cameron

SHAWVILLE – On June 19, Pontiac High School’s 65 graduates were paraded through the streets of Shawville in the backs of trucks and classic cars to
celebrate their graduation given that COVID-19 cancelled their traditional event. Friends, family and community members cheered from the roadsides. Local businesses and elected officials donated many of the vehicles used for the event.
After all of the streets in the town were covered, which took about two hours, the procession parked at the fairgrounds where a photographer took individual and a group aerial photo with the use of a bucket truck lift.
“To see the smiles on the students’ faces was worth every bit of worry and
fretting we did as we tried to plan this large event in very uncertain times amid ever changing regulations,” said Principal Debra Stephens, who addressed the grads from the bucket of the lift, wishing them luck in their future endeavors. “We can’t always choose what happens to us, but we can always choose how we respond,” she said. If everything goes well, there will be a graduation ceremony in November as planned, said Stephens.
“The fact that so many Pontiac citizens came out to support our students and cheer them on was overwhelming to say the least. It was a reminder of what a true privilege it is to live in the Pontiac, where people go out of their way to
support each other during difficult times,” concluded Stephens.