Piscine Pontiac Pool Committee dives in! – 83% favour proposed Aqua Gym


The Piscine Pontiac Pool Committee’s architect has released conceptual drawings of the proposed Aqua Gym and a floor plan.

Allyson Beauregard

FORT-COULONGE – The preliminary results of a survey the Piscine Pontiac Pool Committee commissioned through a third party consultant have been released,
showing that 83% of respondents believe it’s very important to have a combination
pool and gym in the region. They also plan to regularly use the facility.
The results were calculated using responses from a phone survey in December
involving all Pontiac municipalities as well as an online questionnaire. There were about 600 respondents, and Todd Hoffman, Committee president, estimates about 75% of the results came from the phone survey. “The consultant is now compiling the results and will break them down by municipality, age, demographic, etc.,” he said, noting the full details will be available within a few weeks.
The results will be used to demonstrate public interest for the Aqua Gym
project, which is essential when submitting applications for government funding. The Committee is in the process of preparing their business plan to apply for funding through the province’s sports and leisure fund in February, which provides $294 million across Québec and would cover 66% of the project’s estimated $10.8 million cost. The Committee has also requested funds through Québec’s Fonds d’appui au rayonnement des régions (FARR).
The Committee is collecting letters of support from local stakeholders, and
coordinating fundraising efforts while it waits for answers regarding government funding. “It depends on the program, but the best case scenario is we will be responsible for raising 10% of the project’s cost,” Hoffman told the Journal. Fundraisers have already started, like the recent Lumberjack Dinner at the Pontiac Conference Centre; the Committee is also seeking corporate sponsors and selling memberships.
“We are very concerned about the poor health of the Pontiac and the time has come to improve it. With this facility, we can do that,” concluded Hoffman.