Political extremism from the politicians


As we prepare for another election, this time for Quebec, I am trying to list three to five things which every person running for office should comment on or even commit to, if they are elected. I see that Alberta is picking a new premier, the leader of the governing party. In this campaign, one of the big issues is “will you clamp down with another lockdown, or not?” Never a lockdown? Is that for real? These are not politicians from the lunatic fringe – none that I heard were on the Truckers Convoy last winter! So if Covid roars back or some new variation — we already have Monkeypox appearing — so no matter how bad it gets, the new premier of Alberta will not shut down social meetings, etc?? These politicians do not do “democracy” any favours by going to such extremes.

They just show that we can’t trust people to elect good leaders. I hope our candidates here do not go to such extremes. I hope this newspaper and its readers also hold their candidates to clearly identify their promises, especially on big issue like the mega-hospital in Gatineau, which is supposed to help us who live hours from it!

Jonny Thorpe
Allumettes Island