Pontiac Council


Mo Laidlaw

The monthly meeting of Pontiac municipal council was held on July 12,2022 at 7:30 pm in the Quyon community centre. About 12 members of the public attended with some others arriving late. Councillor Jean Amyotte was absent; Mario Allen, the Acting director general (ADG) was present.

—Draft bylaw on maintenance of private roads

In April the Director General received a letter from the Municipal integrity and investigations Commissioner of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs (MAMH) which stated that giving annual grants to non-municipal road associations for maintenance of their roads is illegal. The municipality was given 4 months to come up with a bylaw to replace 03-10.

The draft bylaw 09-22 was adopted. Mayor Roger Larose confirmed the bylaw had been approved by MAMH and municipal lawyers. The full bylaw is on the municipal website.

Private roads that are covered by this bylaw must be free of obstructions for a width of 6 metres and a height of 5 metres. There must be at least 4 residences on the road, and it must be more than 100 m long. These limitations will rule out ch de la Butte and ch du Destrier, short private roads off ch Crégheur, with only one residence on each. Residents will have to treat these short access roads as private driveways.

Grading will be carried out from 1 June to 15 October and snow clearance and de-icing of a maximum of 5 metres wide from 1 November to 30 April.

If there is a dead end there must be room for a three-point turn. A majority of owners of residences on the road must sign an annual request to the municipality to take over maintenance as well as the owner of the road, if different, using the municipal form.

Council will decide who pays the maintenance costs by resolution: the municipality entirely; or by fee for service established in the annual taxation bylaw and charged with property tax; or some combination of these. The municipality will pay its share for municipal properties served by a private road.

If you think this applies to you, read the draft bylaw online and if you have concerns contact your councillor or the Planning department before the 9 August regular council meeting.


$26,244 expenses incurred for July were approved.

Two motions dealt with Acting director general Mario Allen’s employment. Since the resignation of the Fire director he is in charge of the Fire Department as well as Public works, so his minimum weekly hours are increased to 40 hours with a commensurate increase in salary. He will also be paid 20 hours overtime ($1,200) for his work during the two weeks following the derecho (storm) to coordinate operations and ensure the safety of citizens. Councillors Allen and Laforest left the table for these motions.

Council agreed that the mayor and ADG should sign the agreement with the Centre de services scolaire des Portages-de-l’Outaouais to continue use of the gym at the Notre-Dame-de-la-Joie building of the Vallées-des-Voyageurs school, in Luskville.
The Administration committee and ADG recommend that a position of registrar and secretary-treasurer is required while the ADG is also director of public works. The hiring process will start and the positions will be added to the organization chart.

At the 5 July special meeting, Nathalie Larose was hired as the coordinator of leisure, community life and communications. Christian Brazeau and Patrick Brazeau were hired as day labourers.

Fire Department

A fire truck has been declared a total loss, following a collision. Salvageable parts are estimated at $2,700, the deductible is $2,500, leaving $24,800 plus tax to be received from the Mutuelle des municipalités du Québec for insurance. Council agreed to accept this.

Public works

Proligne won the contract to redo line markings on chs Montagne, Tremblay and Pères Dominicains following paving, and other roads, for an estimated total of $16,793 plus tax.  A third student is hired through the Canada Summer Jobs program


Requests to the CPTAQ to construct residences in the farm zone at 113 ch Frazer and 2145 ch Beaudoin were supported by council. Both requests mention that 48% of the municipality is Gatineau Park (National Capital Commission) and 42% is in the agricultural zone, leaving only 10% for residential and other purposes.

The owners of 300 ch Thérien asked to buy a 0.25 ha municipal lot at the corner of their 32.8 ha property at the March meeting. Council approved the transfer for the symbolic sum of $1 plus any costs, on condition that the lots are merged.

A request from the owner of 2763 ch Bronson-Bryant for a minor variance to combine two lots with neighbouring residences built before 1950, where the main building is closer than 5 m from the side lot line, was accepted.