Pontiac council: contracts awarded; more legal action


Mo Laidlaw

MUNICIPALITY OF PONTIAC – Council held their monthly meeting by teleconference, April 14.
Richard Groulx, director of the fire department, has resigned. Fire Captain Kevin Mansey will be acting director until a replacement is hired.
Public Works contracts awarded
TGC Inc. had the lowest conforming bid for the sewer project for St. Andrew and St. John streets in Quyon: $1,767,185, conditional on all required authorizations being obtained.
Energère Inc. got the contract for LED street lights and Multi Routes Inc. had the lowest bid for spreading liquid dust suppressant on unpaved roads for $65,000 plus taxes.
Marcel Baril Ltée will provide culverts and geo-textile for Public Works to install for $50,505 and a mechanical shovel for ditch digging and culvert installation will be rented from Agritibi RH – Hyundai for $40,701.
Les Fermes Renaud won the contract for sweeping paved roads for $22,000 and RM Lang won the mowing and brush cutting contract for 353 km of roads for $12,000.
The MRC-des-Collines police will handle emergency calls for Public Works, who will call a staff member designated for out-of-hours situations. A $35 per day bonus will be paid to the person managing an emergency situation.
Two existing employees applied for operator jobs and were hired. One is qualified; the other has to obtain a class 1 driver’s license. The cost of the training course ($6,000) will be reimbursed once the permit is obtained.
Legal action
Excavasphalte started legal action against the municipality in February 2017 in the Quebec Superior Court. Lawyers RPGL are mandated to
hire QDI (engineers) for $13,415 to provide expert opinion to progress the file.
The local public transport system is under financial pressure since the
contribution from the Ministry of Transport is late. Transcollines has only one month liquidity and $500,000 is due for 2019. They would like to receive grants as intended.