Pontiac council discusses snow removal and ball field lighting


Mo Laidlaw

MUNICIPALITY OF PONTIAC – Council held a special meeting, August 9 at the Luskville Community Centre, observing physical distancing and wearing masks. Councillors McKay, Barber and Patry, Mayor Joanne Labadie and Director General Pierre Said took part.
The main purpose of the meeting was to pass a resolution to ask for tenders for snow removal in the Luskville area from Tremblay/Crégheur to Kennedy, (sector F). The contract is expected to be above $100,000, so it was listed on Québec’s
electronic tendering system (seao.ca) immediately.
Another item was to award a contract to supply lighting at Luskville Recreational Park. The lowest bid was from Lumens LED Inc. for $37,306. Two more steps are required: acquire posts for the lights and installation by an electrician. The project will be paid by the Blue Jays Fund and the Québec Ministry of Education.
The regular meeting was held August 25 and a report will follow in the next edition.