Pontiac council holds final meeting


Mo Laidlaw

MUNICIPALITY OF PONTIAC – The current Pontiac council held its final meeting, October 5 via ZOOM, with over 10 members of the public joining in.
Public works
A grant was requested from the local road assistance program (PAVL) for repairs to Murray and Clarendon roads.
Extra costs of $24,000 plus tax were awarded to GNP for completing the ch. de la Montagne project. This will be paid using a road work borrowing bylaw and Ministry of Transport Quebec (MTQ) grant.
A 300 m section of Steele Line deteriorated recently so QDI was awarded the contract to prepare plans and specifications and supervise resurfacing for $14,500 plus tax. Public works has excavated clay at this location and added gravel. Pavage Gadbois won the bid for paving, for $75,600 plus tax.
A grant was requested from the MTQ to develop a road safety plan.
Part of Mohr Road (south of River Road) will be sold to Charles Dickson, owner of 7351 ch River, for $1 plus fees and taxes. This road is the driveway for his house and he has maintained it for years assuming it to be his driveway.
A lot at 2101 ch Beaudoin, which the municipality acquired last year at the sale for non-payment of taxes, was transferred to the private domain and will be put up for sale.
There were two requests to the CPTAQ for properties on farmland: the farm at 2412 Lac des Loups requested permission to operate a sandpit on 5.7 ha for 10 years (council supported); and the owner of 6867 ch River wants to subdivide her 2 acre property, but the frontage is only 47 m (45 m minimum) and the new lot size of 3035 m2 is smaller than the norm of 3700 m2 (council didn’t support).
A second draft bylaw modifying the zoning bylaw was adopted, clarifying that mini-storage units will be allowed in the Luskville commercial zone.
The accounting firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton will provide support in preparing the budget and finalizing the 2021 accounts for $21,000 plus tax during the extended absence of the municipality’s finance director, who is caring for a family member.
Pontiac is being sued by a property owner whose property was sold for non-payment of taxes (to cancel the sale). PFD Avocats was mandated to represent the municipality.
The cost of wheelie bins for garbage will be increased by 5% to cover repairs to lids and wheels, and administration.
Expenses approved
The following were approved: $46,463 plus tax to Tall Advanced Separation Systems for membranes for the Quyon water treatment plant (funded through the gas tax program); $43,777 to Agora for buying and installing rink boards at the Luskville park; $19,366 to Traffic Logix for six radar speed indicators (MTQ grant requested); $12,647 to Christian Lauzon for maintaining the Davis Park ice rink this winter (public works will continue to maintain the Quyon and Luskville rinks); $6,283 to the Municipal Housing Office (OMH) in Quyon; and $1,365 to Les Blés d’Or to support its efforts in the community.
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