Pontiac council report


Mo Laidlaw
MUNICIPALITY OF PONTIAC – Pontiac council held its regular monthly meeting, January 18 via ZOOM, with about 10 members of the public joining in.
—- Administration
Some routine matters were covered at the beginning of the meeting: a draft bylaw setting the tax rate and service charges, to be passed at the budget meeting on January 25; and a code of ethics bylaw which is renewed for each new council. The three year program of capital expenditure is available on the municipal website.
The municipal lawyer’s (RPGL) “bank of hours” — one hundred hours for $15,000 — was renewed for 2022-3, which works out cheaper than an hourly rate.
Marie-Claire Ayinkamiye was hired as a receptionist clerk for two years following the withdrawal of a previous candidate. Martine Tardif was hired as an office clerk for two years.
Médiation et Coaching Outaouais will be hired to assist in filling management positions in the finance, public works and recreation departments. It’s hard to recruit and retain staff during the pandemic.
—- Public works
Destrier and de la Butte roads weren’t listed in the most recent snow removal contracts, so council resolved to take charge of these roads for the winter. These are short non-municipal roads off Ch Crégheur, with only one residence on each. According to the MRC property roll, ch Destrier belongs to Jonathan Dorion and ch de la Butte to the Québec Ministry of Transport (MTQ).
The MTQ removed a culvert near the Highway 148/rue Egan junction, which caused flooding problems for residents of 50 rue Egan, as well as water accumulating on the roadway. The MTQ was asked to remedy this.
The next step in replacing the washed-out culvert on Bronson-Bryant road is an ecological study to be submitted to the Ministry of the Environment before work starts. A.J. Environnement was given the contract for $9,020.36 plus tax.

—- Planning
Two owners want to subdivide land. Carmen Marcotte wishes to divide a 12.2 ha lot into four lots opposite of 177 ch Pontiac, and Alain Lepage wants to divide an area of 2.8 ha into three lots at 1747/1751 Highway 148. In both cases, a contribution of 10% of the value of the land to the park and playground fund is required ($6,232 and $6,262 respectively). The urban planning department was authorized to issue permits following receipt of these amounts. (A request for minor variance for 1751 Highway 148 was refused at the September 14 meeting, as the frontage was 16.15 m, and the norm is 45 m.)
Council supported a modified request to the CPTAQ to build a daycare project at 200 ch Crégheur: Excelsiori mini-farm daycare, “in zone 9”, which will “create jobs, and supply a needed service to young farming families”.
—- Recreation and culture
Mayor Roger Larose and Councillor Caryl McCann were nominated to the Port Authority Committee.
A three-month, part-time contract was given to Victoria Mestres-Laurin in the recreation and community department for $40/hr. She has experience organizing the summer day camp and is authorized to seek funding from various agencies, as well as funding for two students for the summer from Employment Canada.
— Approved expenses
The following expenses were approved: $29,657.80 to Abrispec to clean the old part of the town hall that has problems with air quality; and $4,033 to the Pontiac Housing Office as the municipality’s share (10%) of their deficit.