Pontiac council report —– Elections Canada to be the first user of the Quyon Community Centre


Mo Laidlaw
MUNICIPALITY OF PONTIAC – About 20 residents attended the regular council meeting, September 11 at the Luskville Community Centre.
—– Quyon community centre

Mo Laidlaw
MUNICIPALITY OF PONTIAC – About 20 residents attended the regular council meeting, September 11 at the Luskville Community Centre.
—– Quyon community centre
Jean Coté asked for an update on the Quyon Community Centre. Mayor Joanne Labadie advised, “We’re very close to finalizing and have taken possession of the building. Because it’s in the flood zone, the Ministry of the Environment has to give permission for a wheelchair ramp and steps which weren’t in the original plans. The gas hook-up for the kitchen needs to be done. The first renter will be Elections Canada who will install temporary steps and a ramp for one month.”
Denis Papineau asked about the cost of the Centre and why it’s in the flood zone. “The location was decided by the previous council and the cost is $1.7 million, as budgeted. Because the flood delayed sewer and water work this year, the TECQ grant for infrastructure ($1.5 million) will be used to pay off some of the loan for the Quyon centre and repair the roof of the Luskville Community Centre, rather than losing it. We are trying to reach a balanced budget this year because we don’t want to raise taxes,” replied Labadie.
——- Ditch cleaning
Ray Curley asked about poor drainage and the need for ditching in the chemin Curley/chemin Duffy area. Trees are growing in the ditches and need to be cut.
Henry Steiner on chemin Murray has the same problem with trees in ditches, making it hard to see traffic when emerging from a field with a tractor, which he does several times a day. Some of the trees near the power line are live when wet. He’d also like to recycle plastic bale-wrap. Labadie said Hydro Québec should be contacted and Public Works will be informed about ditch cleaning. The MRC-des-Collines doesn’t have a program for recycling bale-wrap plastic and considers it garbage, but the UPA is working on a pilot program.
——- More public input
Pierre Pratte asked about updates to zoning laws, which were reversed at the beginning of the previous council’s mandate. His shed is too close to the river, and the mayor noted he should ask for a minor exemption. Pratte would also like to put in a ditch from his private road to the river to protect his garage, which also requires permission from the urbanism department. He also asked about composting, as he sees bears, skunks and raccoons at the brown bins on chemin de la Montagne (Gatineau). The provincial deadline for composting has been extended to 2022.
Diane Lacasse suggested that grants to social groups be based on their number of members; a group with nine members received the same amount ($1,000) as the Blés d’Or with 135 members. She was also concerned about fallen trees on chemin Westbrook. Labadie said the Public Works department is aware of the situation.
Sue Lamont asked about the cost of the flood. “We’ve now paid $661,000 for flood expenses. Not all of the invoices are in, and some will be reimbursed,” said the mayor.
—– Approved expenses
The following expenses were approved: $2,759,483 to Service sanitaire Lanthier R.L. for garbage and recycling pickup for three years with the option for one more year; $496,145.88 to Mountainview Turf for a three-year snow removal contract with the option for two more years for sector C; $11,500 for a new compressor at the Quyon filtration plant; $10,800 for six sets of protective clothing for firefighters; less than $4,000 to provide a second pair of cargo pants, a T-shirt and a pair of safety shoes for firefighters; $10,000 maximum for the Pontiac Country Fair; and $500 to Quyon Library for an open house to celebrate its twentieth anniversary.