Pontiac council report: Mountain Road work cheaper


Mo Laidlaw

MUNICIPALITY OF PONTIAC – Council recently held two meetings via teleconference: a special meeting on May 27 where several public questions were received and answered, and a regular meeting on June 9.
Public questions
There were two questions from owners of lots on ch des Laurentides, a new road off Rivière. The developer and municipality haven’t agreed on what work is required before the municipality takes over the road. “Why isn’t construction allowed?” asked Mistrale Meilleur. In February, an interim control bylaw was tabled prohibiting new construction on private roads or next to a right-of-way until the urbanism plan is revised. Alisson Bertrand and Cody Bérubé also asked when they can get a building permit as their house contractors are booked.
Questions should be allowed for clarification on items discussed at the end of the meeting, suggested Andrea Goffart. Mayor Joanne Labadie said this is difficult to set up technically with a videoconference and the municipality has no in-house tech support.
Diane Lacasse mentioned the sign banning heavy vehicles from ch Westbrook is missing (should be reported to Public Works by phone or email) and asked when Steele Line will be repaired (in the planning stage).
Cost reduction for Mountain Road repair
Modifying the initial design will save about $1.4 million according to Cima+. The plans will need to be changed and Cima+ offered to do this for $32,000 plus tax, which council approved using gas tax funds.
Other business
The lower of two bids for quality control of material for the sewer repairs on Saint-Andrew and Saint-John streets in Quyon was from Group ABS for $43,501, which will also be paid with a gas tax grant.
The $971,400 loan for the lagoon for Quyon sewage treatment was refinanced for 5 years with Banque Nationale.
The acting fire director recommended promoting four firefighters to lieutenant, and they will be on probation for one year.
A property evaluator from the MRC-des-Collines’ evaluation department will be hired on contract for 4 days per week at $40/hour as a building inspector to help the short-staffed urbanism department.
The Pontiac Snowmobile Drivers Association asked and received municipal support for a request for funding from Québec to replace a culvert on ch Lac la Pêche and clear vegetation in a 30-foot width to allow vehicles to pass. A professional tree clearing company will be hired and must work with Public Works. A summer student will be hired to keep parks clean and well maintained for 8 weeks at $15/hour to help both Public Works and the Recreation departments.
Redundant municipal property from the fire department and Public Works will be posted on classified ad sites instead of asking for offers, which was not an effective process.
Approved expenses
The following expenses were approved: $15,711 for an alarm system and door access for people with disabilities at the Quyon Community Centre; $10,300 for municipal insurance for community organizations; and a $7,800 contribution to the Shawville arena allowing access to Municipality of Pontiac residents from December to March.