Pontiac council report: new fire truck approved


Mo Laidlaw
MUNICIPALITY OF PONTIAC – Council held its regular monthly meeting, September 14 via teleconference.
—— Public input
Diane Lacasse asked why council meetings are still held on ZOOM: “You’re hiding behind a curtain.” Mayor Joanne Labadie explained there are often about 20 people at a council meeting and although Pontiac has a good vaccination rate compared to other municipalities, she said, “We can’t force people to be vaccinated as it’s a public meeting. We will continue online until the end of October.” Pontiac has no staff available for disinfecting microphones, etc., which would be required.
Lacasse also asked why there are so many building inspectors: “The municipality has too many employees!” Labadie said Pontiac has fewer employees than comparable municipalities and some are on maternity leave. There’s a building boom and staff are needed to reduce delays for building permits.
—- Fire department
Council approved the purchase of a new pumper truck for $480,020(tax included) from Battleshield, financed with borrowing bylaw 02-17 and the working fund, over 10 years.
A used compressor to fill APRIA (breathing apparatus for firefighters) cylinders will be bought from Ottawa Compressor Services for $16,695 + tax. Currently, these are refilled with compressed air in Chelsea four to five times per month.
—– Public works
CIMA+ was given the mandate for plans and specifications for repairing Clarendon and Murray roads for $42,900 + tax. The repairs are in the three year plan; to be carried out in summer 2022.
Énergère Inc. was awarded the contract to convert street lighting to LED with additional work including fuses, wires, identification tags and flag people, for a total of $57,443.62 + tax.
—- Planning
There were three requests for minor variances. Two were approved.
The owner of 177 Bourgeois is allowed to rebuild a residence although the frontage is 18.69 m and the norm is now 45 m. This property was subdivided before the bylaw came into force. The existing house burned in 2015.
Service de Réparation Aylmer, which recently moved to 2930 Highway 148 in Luskville, asked to put up a white fabric dome building behind the store for machinery. The planning committee (CCU) recommended against this, but council approved a temporary variance with the building to be removed within 18 months.
The owner of a seven acre lot behind and to the side of 1751 Highway 148 wants to subdivide the lot and construct a main residence. The frontage on the highway is 16.15 m and the norm is 45 m. Council followed the CCU’s recommendation and voted against allowing this variance.
The municipality will acquire the lot at 59 ch Bord-de-L’Eau for $1 after it’s cleaned up since the owner of the flood-damaged property accepted financial assistance from the Ministry of Public Security.
Paul Doucet, director of the planning department, and two planning inspectors, Lisanne Couture-Dubé and Georges Apreutesei, were appointed to issue permits for building, septic systems and protecting water, in addition to existing employees in the department.
—- Administration
MDL Telecom will update the phone system for $5,458.68 + tax.