Pontiac Council


Mo Laidlaw

The monthly meeting of the Pontiac municipal council was held on March 8th, in the Luskville community centre, with seven members of the public in attendance.

Public input
The owners of 300 ch. Thérien would like to buy a half acre municipally-owned lot at 280 ch Thérien, valued at $3,900. Later in the meeting there was a resolution to transfer surplus municipal property to the private domain so that it can be advertised and sold to the highest bidder.

At the end of the meeting, Jean Coté asked if council members will receive “overtime” during any possible spring flooding, as do management staff who work more than 5 hours overtime during the flood period beginning April 1st; they will not. He also asked about the “Mick Mars” lawsuit. “The dossier is closed. Nothing was found,” said Mayor Roger Larose.

Administration and Bylaws
Expenses of $39,602 were approved for March.

Three borrowing bylaws were adopted: $1.5m for vehicles, $2m for infrastructures of municipal buildings and $2m for road works, all over 20 year terms.

The code of ethics and professional conduct bylaw for elected members was adopted, as is done for each new council; a similar draft bylaw for municipal employees was tabled.

Two updated MRC bylaws covering traffic and parking, and peace and good order were passed.

The public daycare bylaw was also adopted.

There were also resolutions on an Employees’ Assistance Program, tenders for bank notes, restructuring the administration, and the conversion of street lights to LED.

Fire department, Public works
Two volunteer firefighters resigned and were thanked for their years of dedicated service.

Calls for tender from external contractors are invited for various projects for which the municipality doesn’t own appropriate equipment.

A minor variance was approved for 73 ch des Oies, to regularise an existing house that is closer to the side lot line than now permitted under the planning bylaw. “It was legal when built,” said the mayor.

Two other minor variances were not recommended by the CCU (planning committee) and refused by council. The owner of 30 ch d’En-Haut wanted to build a residence 16 m high; maximum height allowed is 12 m. The owner of 3289 rte 148 wanted to enlarge the main building closer than 5 m to the lot line; CCU saw no constraints on the one acre lot to build away from the lot line.

Recreation and culture
Council approved a request from the Sainte-Marie school in Quyon for $10,000 to improve the playground, conditional on a formal agreement to allow access to all residents. (Notre-Dame-de-la-Joie school in Luskville is also part of École de la Vallée-des-Voyageurs.)