Pontiac receives $489,600 for four FARR projects


Allyson Beauregard

MRC PONTIAC – The province announced the recipients of the 2019 Fonds d’appui au rayonnement des régions (FARR), June 15 in Wakefield. Of the 22 projects that were awarded a total of $3,769,815, four MRC Pontiac initiatives were selected, representing an investment of $489,600.
Piscine Pontiac Pool received $160,000 to obtain architectural and engineering plans. According to Todd Hoffman, Pool Committee president, the two plans will lay out the pool’s concept for the public, sponsors and investors and allow the committee to put the project out to tender. “We will be able to present a clear, firm vision of what we want, instead of just talking with loose words. People will be able to clearly see what they are supporting and investing in,” he said.
The Pool Committee continues to apply for funding, seek out corporate sponsors, and plan fundraising initiatives. “The government won’t cover 100% of the costs and we have to raise a certain percentage ourselves to demonstrate the local community really wants this,” Hoffman told the Journal. Conditional on the funding received, Hoffman said the Committee’s goal is to see a shovel in the ground in spring of 2021.
The MRC Pontiac submitted three proposals, all of which were accepted: $49,600 to protect and enhance natural environments by developing a feasibility plan for the Parc national du Rocher-Fendu site, setting up a research project on the historical and cultural importance of
natural sites and repairing infrastructure in public natural environments in the MRC; $152,000 to construct a regional brand image and communications strategy; and $128,000 for investor and business attraction, including hiring an officer who will accompany and target technical and financial partners and local suppliers.
The FARR was created to complement the Territorial Development Fund to
enable elected municipal and regional officials to develop and support
projects that help maximize community development. Since its implementation, 46 Outaouais projects and sectoral agreements have received funding totalling more than $7.5 million. As of April 1, 2020, Component 1 of the Regions and Rurality Fund (support for regional outreach) replaced the FARR.