Province alters school grade system

smiling young graduate

Allyson Beauregard

QUÉBEC – The provincial government issued a decree on October 7 making a number of modifications to the basic school regulation, which took effect immediately.
“In light of the current pandemic and in order to facilitate and lighten the workload of school personnel, the Ministère de l’Éducation changed the pedagogical regime to allow more room for learning and promote the educational success of elementary and secondary students across Québec,” said the Ministry’s statement.
For this year only, the school year will be divided into two terms; a report card for the first will be issued no later than January 22 and the second before July 10.
“Exceptionally, the report card usually sent out by November 20 has been withdrawn and each of the two terms will have a 50% weighting. By withdrawing this report card, we hope to allow teachers to focus even more on teaching and
support, especially for students who need it in the current situation. An initial communication to parents (progress report) is still planned for the fall,
but its deadline has been extended to November 20 instead of October 15,”
continues the notice.
November parents’ meetings will be held as planned to inform parents of the children’s progress, what they’ve been learning, and any challenges they face. Another will be held in April.
Ministry exams at the primary level and June exams at the secondary level will be scheduled as originally planned.