Questions new Conservative leader’s comments


I was dismayed to hear the new leader of the Federal Conservative Party say in his thank you remarks to his electors that Canadians need more freedom. Considering that the majority of provincial governments in Canada are Conservative, I wonder how they allowed “this” situation to happen?

For a leader who potentially can be a Prime Minister, Poilievre did not mention how he would make sure medicare and the health care of Canadians would measure up to the expectations of Canadians. We have a shortage of doctors, nurses and technicians and there is a huge backlog in diagnostics and surgery. Will he be proposing health care privatization, so that Canadians will have to pay more for health care?

He blames inflation on government spending; inflation is not unique to Canada and his simplistic solution that less government spending will equal less inflation may sound good to some, but it is not real economic policy. Canadians need solutions that make their lives better: not rhetoric that sounds good but bears little reality.

Carl Hager