SADC Pontiac celebrates record-breaking 35th year and upcoming move


Peter L. Smith & Francois Carrier

FORT-COULONGE AND CAMPBELL’S BAY – The SADC Pontiac held its annual general meeting via ZOOM, June 17. Ellen Boucher, board president, announced the organization will be moving its office to Baume Street in Fort-Coulonge in August. The building formerly housed the Laurentian Bank before its closure.
“Our goal is to remain accessible to the entire region and serve our business
community in the core of the territory. It will be the same team and same services,
but in a new location,” explained Boucher.
Rhonda Perry, SADC director, described the decision further: “After several analyses and studies since 2019, we decided to move to the heart of the
village of Fort-Coulonge. The former Laurentian Bank building met our criteria. In addition, we will be able to participate in the revitalization of this village,” she said.
Work on the Fort-Coulonge building is currently underway to accommodate the organization’s employees. The SADC Pontiac will rent from real estate broker Sébastien Bonnerot who revealed that he purchased the property with his wife Mélanie Graveline in order to create a real “business centre” in the heart of the village.
One major accomplishment the SADC is proud to manage is the Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF loan), a federal investment which helped Pontiac businesses and organizations cope with the impact of the pandemic. Perry said 2020 was a record year considering the federal government’s investments and business’ needs during the pandemic. The organization distributed 30 loans
to Pontiac businesses using nearly 1.2 million in RRRF funding; 11 agriculture,
10 retail and nine tourism businesses.
“The pandemic brought many investments and we had to make sure we responded in a timely manner to support our local businesses and organizations,” she told the Journal.
Elections were held to fill various seats for a two-year term: Seat 1, entrepreneur Pontiac Ouest, Donald Gagnon re-elected; Seat 3, entrepreneur Pontiac East, Kristine Amyotte-Beck; Seat 5, entrepreneur business, Ken Pack re-elected; Seat 7, youth, Paul Boisvert re-elected; and Seat 9, entrepreneur/business, Barry Moffatt re-elected.